Pipe Application: Slurry Pipeline
shurry pipeline, erw steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe   shurry pipeline, erw steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe   shurry pipeline, erw steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe   shurry pipeline, erw steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe   shurry pipeline, erw steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe   

Pipe Application: Slurry Pipeline

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The slurry pipeline is a mixture of particulate solid matter and a liquid delivery medium, which is transported by means of pumping and is separated at the destination. The conveying medium is usually made of water. Compared with other means of transport (such as railways and highways), it has the technical reliability of storage and transportation, safety in operation, cost economy and energy saving and environmental protection.

At present, the world has more than 20 countries using pipeline transportation of pulp material, built and put into operation of the long pulp pulp pipeline has hundreds of transport materials are coal, iron concentrate, copper concentrate, phosphorus concentrate, limestone, aluminum Soil and other 25 kinds of as much as the annual delivery volume, transmission diameter and transmission distance has greatly improved. Long-term ore pulp pipeline large-scale successful construction, has accumulated a wealth of design theory and field technology work, summed up the long-distance slurry slurry material with large diameter welding pipe application theory and practical experience for this technology to China to promote the Market and technical basis.

Technical selection of steel pipe

In theory, the choice of long slurry pipeline can be seamless steel pipe, high-frequency straight seam welded steel pipe (ERW steel pipe), double-sided submerged arc welded steel pipe (LSAW steel pipe), but taking into account the pipeline investment economy and delivery of the balance of profit and loss point, the length of the pipeline is 100km is the most economical, people generally use erw and lsaw welded pipe as shurry pipeline. From the domestic and international project information, the diameter of the smallest pipe is 114.3mm, the wall thickness is 7.1mm ~ 12.7mm, the largest pipe is 660mm, the maximum wall thickness is 23.01mm, the steel grade is x52 ~ x70. Owners tend to ERW steel pipe, but ERW steel pipe due to wall thickness and steel level restrictions, most of people choose the LSAW steel pipe. From the pipe management process, the application of the heat treatment process by the high-frequency Longitudinal seam welded pipe than the wide seam of the straight seam submerged arc welded pipe.

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