Pipeline Anticorrision
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Pipeline Anticorrision

Date:2017-06-08      View(s):716      Tag:pipeline anticorrision
According to the different causes and conditions of pipeline corrosion, the corrosion of the pipeline based on different corrosion also has different ways. Prime Steel Pipe will provide different kinds of pipeline anticorrision according to the different requirements of customers.

1. We meed to choose different types of materials according to different transmission media and environmental conditions.
2. We need to add DC power supply to make the original anode metal turning into the cathode so that it can be protected. Or we can attach a metal that has relatively more active chemical activity to the pipeline, make the two constitute forming the original battery, so the more lively metal will be rusted and the pipeline will be protected.
3. We can remove corrosive ingredients in the media or the mediation of PH value.
4. We can add anti-corrosion coating (such as: paint) to metal surface, to cut off the contact of steel pipe and oxygen in the air, to achieve the protective effect.
5. We can add "corrosion inhibitor", the corrosion inhibitor is a special additive added in the metal equipment used to slow down the corrosion. The corrosion inhibitor will increase the activation energy required by chemical reaction, to slow down the rate of corrosion reaction.

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