Scaffolding Coupler

Short Description:

  • Dimensions: 48.3-48.3mm
  • Material: Q235 Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 0.95-1.05kg or as Per Your Request
  • Standard: EN74,BS1139,CE and Also Fit For Our Domestic Standard, Through SGS Test
  • Techs: Drop Forged
  • Surface treatment: Self-Color,Zinc Plated ,Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Color: Self-Color(Black) , White, Yellow
  • Packaging: In Bulk, In Bundle, In Pallet Or As Your Request
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    Painting & Coating

    Packing & Loading

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  • the specification of Scaffolding Coupler

    JIS type scaffolding coupler pressed coupler

    Scaffolding Coupler is the main part of the tubular scaffolding system, it supply a fasten and connect functions in system. Simple struction and big loading power, make coupler easier and widely used by scaffolder on construction project.

    We have different types and sizes scaffolding couplers, such as fixed coupler, swivel coupler, ladder beam coupler, sleeve coupler…

    Benefits of Tubular Scaffolding:

    1. Easy To Use. These scaffolds are easy to use, only four basic components are required such as tube, right angle coupler, swivel coupler, bases or casters.
    2. Durability. These types of scaffolds are durable, galvanized tubes and couplers are able to take on harsh environments.
    3. Ease in Assembly and Dismantling. Tubular scaffolds can be assembled easily and dismantled, saving time on site.
    4. Light in Weight. The tubular system can be easily moved around the construction site.
    5. Adaptability. In comparison to other scaffolds, tube and fittings system offer the most adaptable and efficient scaffold solutions.
    6. Cost Effectiveness. In cases when scaffolds need to be erected for long periods of time (more than four weeks), tube and fitting system scaffolds provide the most cost effective scaffold solutions.
    7. Flexibility. Tubular scaffolds are one of the most flexible types of scaffolds. These scaffolds can be adjusted according to the desired height.
    8. Longer Life Span. Tubular system scaffolds have a longer life span in comparison to other scaffolds and offer more sturdy work platforms.

    JIS Type Clamp
    Description Specification Weight Standard
    110° Fixed /Swivel Clamp 48.6/60.5mm 0.56kg JIS Standard
    110° Fixed /Swivel Clamp 48.6/60.5mm 0.58kg JIS Standard
    110° Fixed /Swivel Clamp 48.6/60.5mm 0.60kg JIS Standard
    110° Fixed /Swivel Clamp 48.6/60.5mm 0.62kg JIS Standard
    110° Fixed /Swivel Clamp 48.6/60.5mm 0.65kg JIS Standard
    110° Fixed /Swivel Clamp 48.6/60.5mm 0.66KG JIS Standard

    Self-color,Zinc plated ,Hot dip galvanized

    the packing of Scaffolding Coupler