Coated Steel Pipe

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  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Keywords: FBE (Fusion Bond Epoxy) Coated Pipe, Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Pipe
  • Size: OD: 219mm~2020mm;WT: 5mm~25mm; LENGTH: 4mtr, 6mtr, 12mtr, 18mtr, 21mtr
  • Standard & Grade : DIN 30670, DIN 30671, DIN 30678, SY/T0413-2002 etc
  • Ends: Plain End/Bevelled End, Burr Removed
  • Packing: Waterproof Paper wrapped, Steel Strips bundled, two tags on each bundle
  • Usage: Used for natural gas, petroleum, water & sewage, and pipe systems
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    Painting & Coating

    Packing & Loading

    Coated steel pipe means the pipe that is by the processing after the corrosion, which can effectively prevent or slow the steel pipe occurs in the course of transport and chemical or electrochemical reaction corrosion phenomena. Coated steel pipe can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion of steel pipes to extend service life and reduce operating costs pipe.

    Applications of coated steel pipe
    coated steel pipe base metal is including spiral, straight seam pipe, seamless steel pipe, etc., which are widely used in pipeline projects in the field of petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heating, sewage treatment, water, bridges, steel structures, piling and other marine water.


    DIN 30670: Polyethylene coatings of steel pipes adn fittings.
    DIN 30678: Polythylene coatiing of steel pipes and fittings.
    SY/T0413-2002: Technical standard of polythelene coating for buried steel pipeline.

    Types of anti-corrosion coating

    Pipe corrosion types are divided into external corrosion and internal corrosion.

    Coated Steel Pipe-01

    1. FBE anticorrosive epoxy powder

    FBE epoxy powder preservative structure: electrostatic spraying

    epoxy powder coating on the pipe surface, a film. The coating

    has a coating operation is simple, clean, good impact resistance

    and flexural properties of the coating, temperature resistance


    Coated Steel Pipe-02

    2. 2PE/3PE corrosion

    2PE/3PE corrosion structure: the steel surface electrostatic spraying

    epoxy powder and binder twine lateral lateral wound polyethylene

    coating, combined with three excellent performance, thereby significantly

    improving the overall quality of corrosion of the pipe. Resistant to chemical

    corrosion, cathodic stripping, resistance to mechanical damage performance.

    Coated Steel Pipe-03

    3. Coal tar epoxy

    Coal tar epoxy structure: epoxy resin + filler made of coal tar pitch

    anticorrosive coating on the steel surface coated glass fabric as reinforcement

    corrosion layer formation, commonly used in the pipe wall corrosion. thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.0mm.

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  • 3PE Steel Pipe Sizes

    Coating Type Coating Layer Coating Thickness
    Three layers polyethylene Inside layer: epoxy (Green) 2.0-4.5mm
    Mid layer: adhensive (White)
    Outsidelayer:polyethylene (Black)
    Two layers polyethylene Inside layer: adhensive 2.0-4.5mm
    Outside layer: polythene
    Epoxy Epoxy 200-400um
    Two layers epoxy Inside layer: expoxy (Green) 400-800um
    Outside layer:intensity epoxy (sage green)
    Three layers polyethylene Inside layer: expoxy (Green) 2.5-3mm

    DIN30670 for three-layer extruded and one- or multi-layered sintered polyethylene-based coatings

    DIN30671 thermoset plastic coating For buried steel pipes

    DIN30678 polypropylene coatings for steel pipes

    CAN/CSA Z245.20/-Z245.21-02 external fusion bond epoxy coating for steel pipe/external polyethylene coating for pipe

    SY/T4013-2002 for transport water, gas, oil,piling coating

    SY/T0315-97 PE coating for buried steel pipe

    One Layer / Double Layer FBE anti-corrosive coating powder (200um~800um)

    3PP (Polypropylene) Coated Steel Pipe
    DIN30678 standard technical specification for polypropylene coating for steel pipe and pipe fittings
    3PP Coating Advantages:
    The 3PP coated steel pipe refers to steel tubing with three layers of PP(Polypropylene) coating. It offers high electric strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt-tolerance, electric insulation, long service life, thermal endurance and impact resistance. Because of advanced steel pipe coating technology, this type of plastic coated steel pipe features well-bonded coatings.
    3PP Coating Applications:
    The 3PP coating steel pipe is suitable for transferring special materials, such as high temperature materials, because it offers high electric strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt-tolerance, electric insulation, long service life, thermal endurance and is impact resistant.

    3PP (Polypropylene) Coated Steel Pipe

    FBE Coated Steel Pipe

    FBE coating pipe is Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating steel pipe. It is an externally applied heat resin for pipe. With a form of dry powder at thickness 300-600 microns on to the heated surface of pipe. Once the FBE coated on the pipe surface, the FBE film provides an extremely hard surface with great adhesion to the pipe surface. The FBE layer in a even form and have good resistance to the chemical reaction.

    FBE Coated ERW Steel Pipe

    Polyurethane Insulation Coating Steel Pipe

    The polyurethane direct buried heat preservation pipe is a direct buried preheating heat preservation pipe with good heat preservation performance, safety and reliability, and low engineering cost. The buried thermal insulation pipe not only has the advanced technology and practical performance that is difficult to compare with the traditional trench and overhead laying pipeline, but also has obvious social and economic benefits, and is also a powerful measure for heating and energy saving.
    It is characterized by a multi-purpose use to prevent the spread of fire and good fire safety performance. Black jacket insulation pipe includes spiral steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. The outer layer is made of black polyethylene and is called a black jacket insulation tube.

    Polyurethane Insulation Coating Steel Pipe

    the packing of Coated Steel Pipe-01 the packing of Coated Steel Pipe-02 the packing of Coated Steel Pipe-03