With the rapid development of the steel industry, the focus of the market is quitely changing from low price to quality service. SHINESTAR believe the survival way of the future steel enterprises is the ability to meet the customization needs of different clients quickly. Commiteed to over 25 years of steel products, SHINESTAR offer pipe related services including surface treatment (anti-corrosion coating, galvanizing, painting), cutting, punching, welding, special packaging etc.
Anti-corrosive Coating


1. Epoxy resin anti-corrosion coating

The epoxy ester resin coating is a one-component coating system using an epoxy ester resin as a film former. The epoxy ester resin is a combination of an epoxy resin and a vegetable oil fatty acid ester. The coating is less expensive and less resistant to alkali than conventional epoxy coatings. Commonly used as a variety of metal primers and chemical plant outdoor equipment anti-corrosion paint.


2. Polyethylene resin anti-corrosion coating

Polyethylene has strong sealing, high mechanical strength, strong water resistance and stable quality. The disadvantage is that it is costly compared to the cost of other filler materials. The coating material is abundant in source and has been widely used in corrosion.


3. Hot dip galvanizing

Hot dip galvanizing is an effective metal corrosion protection method used primarily in metal structures in various industries. The rust-removed steel is immersed in a zinc solution melted at about 500 ° C to adhere the zinc layer to the surface of the steel member, thereby preventing corrosion.


4. Painting

Most of our common steel pipes are painted with a layer of bright paint. The purpose of the steel pipe paint is to insulate the steel pipe from direct contact with the air to reduce rust. Although the anti-corrosion effect of the paint treatment is the worst, it can at least reduce the oxidation process during transportation and during storage, and reduce the rust to a certain extent.