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Стальная труба

  • Nickel Alloy Tubes

    Nickel Alloy Tubes

    Feature: 1. Excellent corrosion resistant to turbulently used in condensers for coastal power plants, petroleum refineries and chemical plants. 2.High impingement corrosion resistant to brackish seawater at velocities up to 3 to 4 m/sec used in desalination plants and other seawater condenser application. Pipe Butt Weld Fittings Socket Weld & Threaded Fittings Flanges Types Seamless and Welded 90º LRs, 90º SRs, 45º Elbows, Concentric Reducers, Eccentric Reducers, Tees, ...
  • LSAW стальных труб

    LSAW стальных труб

    The UOE  LSAW STEEL PIPE mill features the most advanced technology and process, achieves high production efficiency, stable product quality and is equipped with complete inspection equipment. UOE mill adopts U & O forming, the formed pipes are welded inside through five internal welding stations with three wires, and welded outside through four external welding stations with three wires. In accordance with different requirements of the customers, the welded pipe can be expanded either by...
  • ВПВ стальных труб

    ВПВ стальных труб

    (1) ERW welded pipe from steel plate welding into the round pipe, divided into high frequency resistance welded pipe (ERW welded pipe), straight seam arc welding pipe (LSAW), spiral welded pipe.Electrical engineering with “SC”, can be used as water gas pipe can also be used as threading pipe, relatively thick. (2)  Pipeline pipe, also known as wire pipe, is relatively thin, denoted by “T”, and can only be used for thread. ERW steel pipe , Electric Resistance Welded Pip...
  • Бесшовные стальные трубы

    Бесшовные стальные трубы

    Seamless Steel Pipe Manufacturing Process  Mandrel Mill Process In the Mandrel Mill Process, a solid round (billet) is used. It is heated in a rotary hearth heating furnace and then pierced by a piercer. The pierced billet or hollow shell is rolled by a mandrel mill to reduce the outside diameter and wall thickness which forms a multiple length mother tube. The mother tube is reheated and further reduced to specified dimensions by the stretch reducer. The tube is then cooled, cut, straightene...
  • Легированная сталь трубы

    Легированная сталь трубы

      OD:6-720MM WT:0.5-120MM Length:3-16M Application: Construction Hall Structure, Sea Trestle, Airport Structure, Shipbuilding, Security Door Frames, Garage Doors, Strengthening Liners of Steel Doors and Windows, Indoor Partition Walls, Cable Bridge Structures and Expressway Safety Guards, Balustrade, Decorating, Residential, Ornamental Pipes Agriculture: Agricultural Equipment Industry Machinery,  Solar Stent, Offshore Oil Field, Mine Equipment, Electromechanical Hardware, , heavy engin...
  • Трубы из углеродистой стали

    Трубы из углеродистой стали

    Carbon steel pipe mainly refers to the carbon mass fraction is less than 2.11% without containing deliberately added alloying elements of steel, with the level of carbon contained in a steel being one of the most important factors to be influence on its the strength of the steel, the hardness increases, and reduces ductility, toughness and weld ability. Besides, carbon steel tube generally also contain a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus in addition to carbon. Compared to...
  • Трубы из нержавеющей стали

    Трубы из нержавеющей стали

    Stainless steel is a versatile material comprised of a steel alloy and a small percentage of chromium—the addition of chromium adds to the material’s corrosion resistance, a trait that earned stainless steel its name. Because stainless steel is also low-maintenance, oxidation resistant, and doesn’t affect other metals it comes in contact with, it is frequently used in a large array of applications, especially in piping and tubing manufacturing Welded stainless steel pipe Standards: ASTM A312...
  • SSAW стальных труб

    SSAW стальных труб

    SSAW/SAW STEEL PIPES What is SSAW Steel Pipe? SSAW steel pipe is made up of hot-rolled coiled steel using a double-sided submerged arc welding method.  The welding process allows the steel pipes manufacturers to produce large-diameter steel pipes suitable for different applications.   What Are The Advantages of SSAW Pipes SSAW steel pipe can be produced in longer length (maximum length up to 50 meters) compared to LSAW steel pipes Due to its spiral seam SSAW pipe has an accurate diameter...
  • Оцинкованные стальные трубы

    Оцинкованные стальные трубы

    Galvanized seamless pipe is divided into cold-plated steel seamless pipe and hot dip seamless pipe. Hot dip seamless pipe The seamless pipe is to make the molten metal and iron substrate reaction, the alloy layer, so that the substrate and coating combination of both. Hot-dip galvanizing is the first steel pickling, in order to remove the steel pipe surface of iron oxide, pickling, aqueous solution of ammonium chloride or zinc chloride or ammonium chloride and zinc chloride mixed aqueous solu...
  • Стальные трубы с покрытием

    Стальные трубы с покрытием

    Coated steel pipe means the pipe that is by the processing after the corrosion, which can effectively prevent or slow the steel pipe occurs in the course of transport and chemical or electrochemical reaction corrosion phenomena. Coated steel pipe can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion of steel pipes to extend service life and reduce operating costs pipe. Applications of coated steel pipe coated steel pipe base metal is including spiral, straight seam pipe, seamless steel pipe, etc...
  • Полые Раздел

    Полые Раздел

    A hollow structural section (HSS) is a type of metal profile with a hollow cross section. The term is used predominantly in the United States, or other countries which follow US construction or engineering terminology. HSS members can be circular, square, or rectangular sections, although other shapes such as elliptical are also available. HSS is only composed of structural steel per code. HSS is sometimes mistakenly referenced as hollow structural steel. Rectangular and square HSS are also c...

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