Coal tar epoxy pipe storage methods

1. The principle requires coal tar epoxy pipe stacking under palletizing firm to ensure the safety of the premise, according to achieve varieties, specifications palletizing, different varieties of materials to palletizing respectively, to prevent muddy and mutual erosion;

2.Banned in coal tar epoxy pipe stack steel storage place four weeks there is erosion of the article;

3.Coal tar epoxy pipe pile bottom should be padded, strong, smooth, prevent moisture or material deformation;

4.The same material were successively put in storage by stacking;

5. Open dumps coal tar epoxy pipe, the following must have wood or stone pad, pile surface is slightly inclined to facilitate drainage, and pay attention to the material placed flat to prevent the causing bending deformation;

6. Coal tar epoxy steel stacking height, artificial homework does not exceed 1.2m, mechanical homework does not exceed 1.5m, stack no larger than 2.5m;

7. Should leave some passages between the stacks and stacks, check road is generally 0.5m, of access depending on the size and material transport machinery, generally is 1.5 ~ 2.0m;

8. Open dumps angles and channels should stoop to put that mouth down, beam shall stand up, I can not groove surface of steel up to avoid stagnant water to rust.

Post time: Jan-17-2020