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  • Expanding machine

    Expanding machine

    Expanding machine is straight seam welded metal shaping apparatus, it is bulged cone head, in the steel pipe dilatation, to eliminate the molding pressure and welded steel pipe stress, and to ensure that the full-length straight seam welded steel pipe diameter segment really the same size, equipm...
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  • Hot extrusion technology

    Hot extrusion technology

    Hot extrusion technology is a metal above the recrystallization temperature for extrusion, the billets extruded from a die orifice, to obtain the shape of the die hole metal forming method of the cross-sectional pipe. In the hot extrusion process (from the tube blank to the blank pipe), the tube ...
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  • Difference between pipeline welding and TIG welding backing

    Difference between pipeline welding and TIG welding backing

    Full TIG welding backing makes no difference in the process, the whole arc for thin-walled small diameter pipes (DN50 general and below, the wall thickness of 4 mm) or less, the purpose of guarantee good weld root quality appearance imaging. When a large diameter, thick wall thickness should be u...
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  • Degaussing pipes

    Degaussing pipes

    Residual magnetism causes and impact on quality of welding in the construction and repair of gas pipelines welding job, sometimes magnetic blow phenomena affect the welding process. Forming a magnetic blow is the result of the presence of residual magnetism of the tube metal. Typically, magnetic ...
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  • Continuous annealing

    Continuous annealing

    Continuous annealing is a relative terms batch annealing, continuous annealing of the strip through a continuous annealing furnace, annealing furnace without sealing strip without staying directly coiling of production. In production applications, the continuous annealing wide application, contin...
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  • Disadvantage and defect of resistance welding

    Disadvantage and defect of resistance welding

    Resistance welding is pressed welders parts between the two electrodes, and go through to the current use of resistance heat generated by current flowing through contact with the workpiece surface and the neighboring regions to be heated to the melting or plastic state, so as to form metal-bindin...
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  • Disadvantages of steel pickling process

    Disadvantages of steel pickling process

    Pickling is widely used in hot-rolled sheet metal blank that the removal of surface oxide scale, such as hot-rolled steel pipe in need of phosphate or other surface coating before processing to remove iron oxide; welded pipes in galvanized or other hot-dip galvanizing, plating surface preparation...
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  • Heat treatment process for steel pipe

    Heat treatment process for steel pipe

    The quality of heat treatment is directly related to subsequent processing quality and eventually affect the performance and life of the parts, heat treatment is the energy consumption of the machinery industry big polluters. In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology and its...
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  • Analysis of welded pipe pressure burst

    Analysis of welded pipe pressure burst

    Delivery with steel pipes have been more and more widely used in various industries, and steel pipe multi-buried in damp underground, which has strict requirements for the use of performance of the steel pipe. Existing heat transmission with welded pipe leak in use, check the steel pipe partial s...
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