Features of expanding suppress or necking expanding

Expanding suppress or necking plus expanding repression, certain specifications diameter pipe may also be stamping. Diameter pipe (size head) is a pipe for pipe reducers at The forming process is usually necking repression.

1. The shape of the die used in reference to the drawing surface of the pipe inner diameter size of the design, with the steel plate stamping die cutting after stamping stretch forming except for the raw materials to produce steel tube outer diameter of some of the specifications of the reducer also available using steel stamping process for production. Reducing expanding process is mainly to solve the larger diameter pipe is not easy to expanding and necking method used in combination reduced diameter formed by case, sometimes forming materials and products according to the need.

2. Necking / expanding forming necking diameter pipe forming process is a tube with a diameter equal to the diameter of the big end of the tube into the forming die, by pressing the tube along the axial direction of the metal along the cavity movement and contraction shape. Depending on the size reducer reducer, divided into one or more press forming press forming. forming is expanding the use of less than the diameter of the tube diameter pipe big end, along with the inner tube inner diameter expanding die forming in necking or expanding deformation of the pressing process, depending on the material and adjustable, to determine the use of cold or hot. usually, maximize the use of cold, but many adjustable and cause severe hardening case wall thickness or partial thickness steel case material should be used hot.

Post time: Oct-17-2019