Oil paint

Oil paint uses the drying oil as the main film coating material for a class, mainly edible vegetable oil, paste paint, oil blending paint, rust and oil putty, putty and so on. The disadvantage is slow drying, poor physical and chemical properties of the coating, now mostly been replaced by the excellent performance of the synthetic resin paint.

1 protection

Corrosion, waterproof, oil resistance, chemical resistance, light, temperature and so on. Steel pipe exposed to the atmosphere by oxygen, water and other erosion, resulting in metal corrosion, wood decay, weathering and other damage cement phenomenon. In the steel pipe surface is coated with oil-based paint, a protective film is formed, can prevent or delay the occurrence and development of these damage phenomena, so extend the life of various materials. Therefore, the protective effect of the oil paint is a major role

2 decorative features

Color, gloss, smoothness, etc., and the pattern. Objects of different materials coated with oil paint, get colorful, colorful appearance, played the role of human life, beautify the environment, on human material and spiritual life to make a contribution can not be ignored.

3 Other features

Mark, stain, insulation and so on. Modern oil-based paint, the effect of this action and the first two relatively increasingly shown its importance. Some modern varieties of oil paint can provide a variety of special features, such as: electrical insulation, electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, anti-static electricity and so on; mildew, the role of the biochemical aspects of sterilization, insecticide, anti-adhesion and other marine organisms ; temperature, insulation, showing a moderate temperature mark, to prevent the effects retardant, ablative insulation and other energy aspects; reflected light, light, infrared absorption and reflection, absorption of solar radiation shield, flag color and other optical effects performance; the role of non-slip, self-lubricating, anti-fragmentation spatter and other mechanical performance; well as anti-noise, vibration, sanitation and disinfection, anti-condensation, anti-icing and other various effects and so on.

Post time: Nov-11-2019