Why doesn’t stainless steel composite pipe rust?

The stainless steel composite pipe used in our lives is relatively common, and its role in our lives is becoming more and more important. It combines the advantages of strong hardness of iron pipes, not easy to bend, strong impact resistance, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, which brings more convenience to our lives. However, many friends will have questions. Doesn’t stainless steel rust, and what causes it to not rust, we take everyone to understand the relevant principles:

It uses special technology to cover the surface of iron or steel pipes with stainless steel materials to form a protective layer, and a new type of environmentally friendly material formed by compounding. The main technologies used are plastic spraying, galvanizing, chrome plating, and lining.

It is not easy to fall off the protective layer even under the strong external force, because it uses the non-destructive pressure composite technology to make its protective layer seamlessly connected to its built-in pipeline.

Because the built-in layers of the composite pipe are continuous to ensure their rigidity, the nozzle of the composite pipe will leak the built-in iron or steel material during processing and cutting. In this case, the built-in layer will be long. When exposed to moisture and air, it will corrode and rust.

The above is the reason why stainless steel products do not rust.

Post time: Jan-10-2020