Advantage of erw pipe

High-frequency welded pipe (ERW) is hot-rolled coil by forming machines, the use of high-frequency current to the skin effect and proximity effect, so that the tube edge carn heat and melt in the role of the squeeze rollers under pressure welding production. high frequency resistance welding method used in pipe production in 1950s. Over the past decade, the production technology is maturing, and continuously improve product quality. The firstly, ERW production of materials used and the quality has been significantly improved, the low C in the design of steel components, low P, S, micro-alloy technology; smelting process, smelting, ladle refining, vacuum degassing, continuous casting and other new technologies adoption; control the rolling process rolling, controlled cooling technology to use medium and large diameter ERW Pipe Dimensions of hot-rolled steel strip, appearance quality, physical and chemical properties of a substantial increase. Followed by medium and large diameter ERW pipe forming and welding heat treatment processes in the production process, computer automatic control, high-frequency welding process, heat input energy with the automatic compensation of the computer system has been effectively controlled, to prevent the low welding heat input energy cold welding, Weld and heat caused by high input energy caused by over-burning. IF the heat treatment temperature control makes the heat treatment process to achieve the best results according to process requirements, to effectively guarantee the quality of the weld and heat affected zone. In addition, advances in detection technology, to achieve the online or offline weld ultrasonic or eddy current expedition injury, hydrostatic test can also be in the computer under the supervision of the required test pressure and the regulator. The promotion and implementation of the ISO9000 series of standards and APIQ1 specification, making medium and large diameter ERW pipe production, inspection, sales and service in the whole process of quality assurance. In recent years, countries are active in research with high-frequency welded pipe (ERW) steel pipe instead of seamless pipe and spiral welded pipe, following the Ф610mm in industrialized countries, the diameter HF welded pipe, ERW proportion has reached about 70%.

Oil and gas storage project should be extended compared to the use of oil storage and transportation systems in the petrochemical enterprises of ERW pipe production operating conditions and production devices, relatively “moderate” and much more. Working pressure is generally below 2.5Mpa individual cases up to 4.0 Mpa; operating temperature is generally below 100OC to a maximum of not more than 180 OC, 1.0 Mpa steam purge temperature up to about 250 OC. Kinds of oil are generally free from corrosion or only minor corrosion. Oil storage and transportation manufacturing operations such as oil loading and unloading, reconcile, lose turn generally are intermittent corrosion. Oil storage and transportation manufacturing operations such as oil loading and unloading, reconcile, lose turn generally are intermittent operation, only a small number of raw materials to the production plant for pump for continuous operation. High-frequency welded pipe in the history of the world, the 1980s tend to mature and improve, domestic nineties a lot of the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and have been promoted, not only in theory but in practice can explain the high frequency welded pipe in the oil and gas storage and transportation the field of transmission quality, reliability, security, and reduce investment in pipeline construction. To break the old habits followed in the design in the future oil and gas storage and transportation engineering and pipeline construction, and vigorously promote the use of high frequency welded pipe.

Post time: Nov-25-2019