Application of steel pipes in concrete structures

It is often seen that it is used in water-cooled steel pipe structural systems. This is to use a specially designed structural system to make the water containing antirust and antifreeze constitute a circulation, and reduce the temperature to improve the refractory of the steel. This closed channel that uses the steel member itself to form a liquid circulation is not a steel tube.

Concrete-filled steel tubes are composite columns made by pouring concrete into thin-walled steel tubes. Core concrete can prevent the loss of local stability of the pipe wall and the corrosion of the inner surface, and the steel pipe prevents the lateral expansion of the concrete under longitudinal compression. It is a composite steel and concrete structural material with superior performance and easy construction.

The evolution of steel for concrete structures is very fast. The requirements for the steel used in concrete structures are not only large, but they are also urgently expected to keep pace with the development of the structure in terms of variety, specifications and performance. The development of concrete structures has promoted the innovation of steel used, which is reflected in the new progress of various types of steel bars used in reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete.

Post time: Jan-15-2020