ASTM A519 for Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing

The standard and specification covers carbon and alloy steel seamless mechanical tubing. The tubes shall be furnished in the following shapes, as specified by the purchaser:round, square, rectangular, and special sections.

Heat analysis
An analysis of each heat of steel shall be made by the steel manufacturer to determine the percentages of the elements specified; if secondary melting processes are used, the
heat analysis shall be obtained from one remelted ingot or the product of one remelted ingot of each primary melt. The heat analysis shall conform to the requirements specified, except that where the heat identity has not been maintained or where the analysis is not sufficiently complete to permit conformance to be determined, the chemical composition determined from a product analysis made by the tubular manufacturer shall conform to the requirements specified for heat analysis. When requested in the order or contract, a report of such analyses shall be furnished to the purchaser.

When specified, steel prior to shipment should be greased to prevent rusting. If the order is not specified in the shipment oiled steel, coated with a layer of oil production should remain on the surface. If the order is not specified in oiled side response is required during transport rusty responsibility. Unless otherwise specified, the manufacturer can be arbitrary inner and outer surfaces of the pipe coated with anti-rust oil.

Chemical component

 Grade  C  Mn  P  S  Si  Cr  Mo
 4118  0.18-0.23  0.70-0.90  0.035  0.040  0.15-0.35  0.40-0.60  0.08-0.15
 4130  0.28-0.33  0.40-0.60  0.035  0.040  0.15-0.35  0.80-1.10  0.15-0.25
 4135  0.33-0.38  0.70-0.90  0.035  0.040  0.15-0.35  0.80-1.10  0.15-0.25
 4140  0.40-0.45  0.75-1.0  0.035  0.040  0.15-0.35  0.80-1.10  0.15-0.25

Mechanical properties

 Grade  Tenslle strength(Mpa)  Yield strength(Mpa)  Elongation(%)  RB
 4118  685  885  12  197
 4130  785  930  12  229
 4135  835  980  12  229
 4140  930  1080  12  217

Post time: Sep-09-2019