Carbon steel piping passivation

Carbon steel pipe surface passivation method is the preparation of a good passivation solution at room temperature with a hair brush to the part of the steel parts need passivation, steel workpiece storage time in the ventilation to control the deposit orremoved. Steel workpiece surface generates a layer of iron oxide composition of the passive film, because the oxide layer thickness of the steel workpiece surface steel – iron oxide composite materials used to reduce the steel workpiece movement or heat extrusion the temperature rise; ease the steel workpiece, the thermal fatigue of bond, peeling.

Passivation of iron oxide, generated in the steel workpiece surface substitution in the hot corrosion and cold corrosion to be successful, as the long-term use of carburizing, nitriding, iron oxide, iron nitride, iron carbide to isolate two-movement of the steel workpiece surface in direct contact to avoid similar metal in the bond under high temperature and pressure. It overcomes the steel workpiece surface hardening layer annealing, the thermal fatigue of a steel workpiece adhesive, peel off.

Passivation is the last process step in the chemical cleaning, which is the key step. Boiler by acid, water washing, rinsing the metal surface is very clean, very activated, it is vulnerable to corrosion, it must immediately passivation, so that after cleaning the metal surface to generate a protective film, slowing corrosion.

Purposes: comprehensive pickling for stainless steel passivation, remove the dirt of all kinds of greasy dirt, rust, oxide, spot welding, surface treatment into a uniform silver-white, and greatly improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, stainless steel parts for various models. sheet and its equipment.

Features: simple operation, easy to use, economical and practical, while adding a highly efficient inhibitor, Fog Inhibitor to prevent metal corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, inhibiting the generation of mist. Especially suitable for small complex workpiece is not suitable for the the anointed situation better than similar products in the market.

Post time: Sep-12-2019