Casing tube

Heat treatment technology of oil casing

Oil casing is a pipeline used for transportation oil or other raw materials, which has a good performance in use, users get the praise and love. Heating of the oil casing need to follow a certain temperature production, use of different temperature control in different temperature ranges, the steel 27MnCrV AC1 = 736 °C, the AC3 810 °C, subcritical quenching heating temperature between 740-810 °C select. Subcritical quenching select the heating temperature of 780 °C, quenching the holding time 15 min; tempering after quenching selected temperature of 630 °C, tempering heating holding time 50min. Subcritical quenching heating in the α + γ two-phase region, to retain part of undissolved ferrite state quenching, higher strength, toughness is improved.

Heat treatment of oil casing need to be strictly enforced to ensure the production of oil casing with good product quality and performance, to show good use of value and performance in use, and maintain a high strength and toughness, and heat treatment in different ways. Compared with conventional low temperature, low temperature quenching reduces the quenching stress, thus reducing the quenching deformation, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the production of oil casing heat treatment, and provides a good raw material for the follow-up car rod working.

The process in the type of steel tube processing plant has been applied, quality data show that, after the heat treatment of the steel yield strength Rt0.6 820-860MPa, a tensile strength Rm 910-940MPa, 65-85J impact toughness Akv survivability performance 100% qualified. The data show that 27MnCrV steel quality high grade steel casing, on the other hand also shows that subcritical quenching process is an excellent method for the production of steel products to avoid brittleness. Oil casing using this heat treatment, can effectively improve the oil casing tensile strength, impact toughness, invulnerability performance, to ensure good value in use reflects.

Heat-shrinkable casing tube

Heat-shrinkable casing tube is made ​​of high quality polymer, scientific ratio, mechanical blended polymer alloy product is formed after electron accelerator radiation crosslinking, continuous expansion made​​. Having excellent flame retardant, environmental protection, and insulating properties, very soft and flexible, low shrink temperature, shrinkage of the advantages of quick, particularly applicable to the protection of temperature-sensitive components, can be widely applied to the wire processing coated with an insulating protective welding point protection, electronic components coated, resistance, capacitance, insulation protection, metal products, anti-rust, anti-corrosion treatment, wire marked or labeled color. The products have passed UL and SGS, in line with the EU RoHS environmental requirements.

According to the material, heat-shrinkable casing tube can be divided into pvc heat shrinkable sleeve, pet heat shrinkable sleeve, 10KV high voltage busbar protection heat shrink tubing, 35KV high voltage busbar protection heat shrink tubing with plastic double wall heat shrink tubing can be divided into , graining and heat shrink tubing.

Post time: Oct-29-2019