Characteristics of round billet continuous casting

Round billet used in the production of seamless steel tubes of different caliber. Seamless steel pipe production round billet while rotating propulsion and perforation, round billet is inclined to rely on two rollers to rotate the rod core end plug. The inner surface of the inner wall is perforated to become seamless steel tubes; this is a very demanding working method, so the round slab quality requirements are very strict.


Compared with the square billet, round billet mold portion hornless early solidification; must maintain a uniform cooling of mold and secondary cooling zone, the solidified shell uniform contraction and prevent surface cracks and elliptical deformation. But the round billet mold cooling area is smaller than the corresponding side of the slab. According to the characteristics of round billet continuous casting should pay attention to:

(1) Round billet casting speed should be appropriately lower.

(2) Give full play to the middle of the tank metallurgical functions.

(3) Protecting the casting, the appropriate choice of flux.

(4) Controls the secondary cooling zone uniform cooling.

(5) Control mold level stability, preferably liquid level automatic control device.

(6) The use of electromagnetic stirring technology to mitigate center segregation, center porosity and eliminate cracks.

Post time: Jan-16-2020