Classification of welding seam processing of spiral steel pipe welded pipe

When processing spiral steel pipe welded pipe, the processing of weld seam is the essence of spiral welded pipe. The processing classification of spiral steel pipe welded pipe welds is generally divided into three categories:

One type of weld: 1. All welds of the fork tube. 2. Longitudinal seam of steel pipe wall. 3. Steel pipe ring seam. 4. Sew the loops together. 5. The connection weld between the bulkhead and the pipe wall.

The ultrasonic inspection rate is 50%, the radiographic inspection rate is 5%, and the quality requirement is 50% B1 qualified.

Secondary welds: 1. Steel pipe wall circumferential seam; 2. Water stop ring, stiffening ring butt weld and its combined weld with the pipe wall. If the ultrasonic flaw detection rate is 50%, the quality requirements are B2 qualified.

Three types of welds: Welds of auxiliary components that bear little force and do not stop power generation or water supply during repair.

The forming process drainage pipes generally use anti-corrosion spiral steel pipes. From the surface of the spiral tube, whether the manufacturing process of the spiral tube is fine. Generally speaking, a good spiral steel pipe will be produced with care and will not have some resistance defects. Strong cohesive force, sandblasting and rust removal on the inner wall of the steel pipe, and intermediate frequency heating is selected when the rust removal level is reached according to the regulations.

Post time: Sep-23-2022