Continuous annealing

Continuous annealing is a relative terms batch annealing, continuous annealing of the strip through a continuous annealing furnace, annealing furnace without sealing strip without staying directly coiling of production. In production applications, the continuous annealing wide application, continuous annealing deformed grains back into uniform equiaxed grains, while eliminating internal work hardening and residual stress, microstructure and properties of steel heat treatment process is restored to the state before the cold deformation.

Strip complete straight-through furnace in continuous operation during the annealing process. Continuous Annealing Strip began in the 1930s. 50 to 60 years of continuous heat treatment process has been widely used in the original tin plate production. Subsequently, the Japanese high temperature rolling (Ar3 point or higher), high temperature coiling (Ar1 point or above) step annealing with over-aging treatment (see aging) process combined methods, producing deep drawing cold casting | success rolled steel sheet .

Two horizontal continuous annealing furnace and discrete manner by job (tower). Annealing tower is economical for a month or more must annealing 10,000 t of steel when. Low yield when using a horizontal continuous annealing furnace more economical, because such stoves low investment, less calories.

Because of the continuous annealing cycle is short, uniform product quality, save equipment investment, small footprint, etc. to obtain extensive development. Japan in 1982 to build the strip production line, pickling, cold rolling, electrolytic degreasing, annealing and finishing processes combined into a continuous production line, technology has become more advanced fully continuous cold-rolled strip steel unit.

Post time: Oct-11-2019