Defect detection on steel pipe surface with alternating magnetic flux leakage detection system

Industrial pipe work in very poor conditions, prone to corrosion and fatigue damage or become damaged due to the development of the potential pitfalls of the pipeline within the spill. Especially oil pipelines and gas pipelines in the long-term use, due to the unstable surface foundation, corrosive medium, and accidents, and other reasons, prone bit appearance change, and the occurrence of corrosion and defects such as cracks and damage the event of a leak, and will cause environmental pollution, and bring economic losses and endanger their personal safety, it must be non-destructive testing on a regular basis, in order to ensure its normal use.

At present, the the pipeline detection methods generally tainted magnetic, ultrasonic, remote field eddy current and ray detection. The detection of the magnetic flux leakage current detection research in the field of hot spots, it is applicable to a variety of ferromagnetic material components (such as rail, steel pipe, steel wire rope and military gun barrel, the barrel, the projectile, and tanks, etc.) to the detection of surface and internal defects , so to get the in-depth development and wide application.

The theoretical basis of the alternating magnetic flux leakage inspection and based on the same principle of the permanent magnet magnetic flux leakage inspection, just due to the skin effect, the alternating magnetic field only exists in the surface of the member, can not penetrate very deeply, but also why it surface or near-surface cracks with high sensitivity.

Based on Field Measurement alternating leakage magnetic field non-destructive testing systems to the steel surface and near-surface crack detection the the proposed the defects ring recognition model greatly improve the recognition rate of the system. Based on the perception and withered A3515 Hall-effect sensors and AD637 signal processing circuit is well positioned to meet the testing requirements.

Post time: Sep-26-2019