Difference between ERW and HFW

ERW steel pipe: low-frequency or high-frequency resistance welding manufacturing process with a straight seam steel pipe;
HFW steel pipe: frequency equal to or greater than 70kHz welding current welding ERW Pipe.

Electric resistance welding steel pipe: resistance welding a weldment combined pressure is applied through the electrodes, a current by a resistance heat generated by the contact surfaces and adjacent areas of the joint welding method.

High frequency welding: high-frequency current through a metal conductor, will produce two strange effect: the skin effect and proximity effect, high-frequency welding to pipe welding is the use of these two effects of these two effects is to achieve metal the basis of high-frequency welding. High frequency welding is the use of the skin effect of the high frequency current energy is concentrated in the surface of the workpiece; the use of proximity effects to control the position and scope of the high-frequency current flow route. The current speed is very fast, it can be within a very short time of the adjacent plate edge heating, melting, and by extrusion to achieve docking.

Post time: Dec-16-2019