Difference between thread pipe and spiral pipe

Thread pipe and spiral pipe are one of welded steel pipe, but both there are essential differences.

The form of thread pipe present in the tube end, the majority of the connection tube is used. Particularly in the pipe connections are optional steel pipe, which can be more secure. Thread pipe is not just used for pipe connections, can also be used for casing and tubing connections. Thread pipe has high thermal conductivity coefficient, internal heat required for the heat than the external high places. Thread pipe have improved the performance and can keep temperature at work, in particular, the internal temperature. Under normal circumstances the internal temperature of the steel tube a temperature is higher than the outside 1 times.

Spiral steel pipe external form is rolled steel plate, and in a more visible on the surface of the weld. Spiral pipe has a strong corrosion resistance, is not susceptible to corrosion, the use of relatively long duration. So strong resistance to corrosion due spiral steel used in chemical industry, especially in oil drilling and geological drilling and so on. Generally also be used for light industry, but also can be used in the defense industry.

Post time: Mar-06-2020