Electrical resistance welding

Electrical resistance welding will be welders parts formed pressed between two electrodes, and subjected to current, the resistor thermal effects generated by the current flowing through contact with the workpiece surface and the neighboring regions to be heated to melt the plastic state, so thatmetal-binding method. Resistance welding methods are mainly four kinds, namely, spot welding, seam welding, projection welding, butt welding.

Spot welding (Spot Welding)
Spot welding assembly into the lap joint, and pressed between two cylindrical electrodes, the resistance of hot-melt the base metal to form a solder joint resistance welding method. Spot welding is mainly used for sheet metal welding.

Seam welding (Seam Welding)
Seam welding and spot welding, just a rotating disc-shaped wheel electrode instead of the columnar electrode and the weldment assembly into a lap or butt joint, and placed between the electrodes of the two wheel roller pressure welding and rotation, continuous or intermittent transmission to form a continuous weld resistance welding method.

Projection welding
Projection welding is a variant form of spot welding; pre-bump in a workpiece, projection welding, once formed in the joints of one or more of the nugget.

Aeronautics and Astronautics, aerospace, electronics, automotive, household appliances, industrial development, resistance increasingly wide attention. Meanwhile, resistance welding quality also put forward higher requirements. The good news is that the development of microelectronics technology in China and high-power thyristor rectifier development, resistance welding technology to improve the conditions. At present, China has produced the excellent performance of the secondary rectifier welder. integrated circuits and micro-computer control box for the new welder supporting the transformation of the old welder. Constant current, dynamic resistance, and thermal expansion of advanced closed-loop control technology has been in production application. All help to improve the welding quality, and expand its application areas.

Post time: Oct-15-2019