Epoxy coating pipe

Epoxy coated steel pipes is ordinary steel after surface treatment and then made ​​in the characteristics of the steel surface coated with epoxy resin material. This epoxy powder coated steel pipes used has excellent chemical resistance to rust corrosion, scale inside and many other issues long-term use does not appear to prevent internal blockage affecting pipeline unobstructed. Coating material high temperature modified and makes the temperature performance of the product in comparison with other similar products, a substantial increase sharply in ambient temperature does not affect the use, which greatly improve the automatic sprinkler system service life and reliability.

Epoxy coated steel has the following characteristics:
Corrosion resistance and long service life
Epoxy coated steel has excellent chemical resistance, able to solve due to the conveyance, buried and acid, alkali, salt corrosion of the pipeline fire to substantially increase the life of the pipeline fire, the useful life of up to 50 years .

Anti-fouling, wall smooth, fluid resistance is small
Special epoxy powder epoxy-coated steel pipe surface coating with excellent anti-fouling properties, surface finish, small fluid resistance, transmission capacity.

Strong adhesion
The surface of the epoxy resin coated steel pipe, through the coating, frit, after curing,  coating firmly adhered to the surface of the tubular body, impact resistance, and does not peel.

Fire resistance
Epoxy coated steel pipe coating material for high temperature modified, can withstand a fire resistance test 15min after the test, no leakage and deformation damage.

Post time: Oct-16-2019