ERW pipe hardness and quench

ERW steel pipe surface heat treatment is usually heated by induction heating or flame way. The main technical parameters is surface hardness, local hardness and effective case depth. Vickers hardness test hardness can also be used Rockwell hardness (hrc) or surface. Test Force (ruler) of choice and effective hardened layer depth and surface hardness Longitudinal relevant. This involves three kinds of hardness.

Vickers hardness test is an important means of heat Longitudinal surface hardness, it can be used to test power 0.5 ~ 100kg test thin 0.05mm thick surface hardening layer, which is the highest accuracy, the surface treatment of the workpiece can be distinguished small differences in hardness. In addition, the effective case depth gauge should be detected by the Vickers hardness, so the surface for heat processing or heavy use of surface heat treatment Hunan Longitudinal unit, equipped with a Vickers hardness tester is necessary.

Superficial Rockwell hardness tester is very suitable for testing the hardness of the workpiece surface hardening, surface Rockwell hardness scale, there are three to choose from. You can test the effective hardening depth of more than 0.1mm Longitudinal various surface hardening. Although the surface Rockwell hardness of Vickers hardness tester accuracy is not high, but as the heat treatment factory quality management and testing tools qualified inspection, has been able to meet the requirements. Moreover, it also has a simple, easy to use, low price, rapid measurement can be read directly hardness and other characteristics, the use of surface Rockwell hardness of surface heat treatment can batch-by-piece Hunan Longitudinal rapid non-destructive detection . This is for the lake seam welded pipe processing and machinery manufacturing plants is important.

If you require a higher hardness of parts locally, induction heating, etc. are available locally hardening heat treatment, such Longitudinal usually mark the location and the local partial quenching hardness values ??in the drawings. Longitudinal hardness testing to be carried out within the designated area. Hardness testing instruments can be used Rockwell hardness test HRC hardness values, such as heat treatment hardened layer is shallow, may be surface Rockwell hardness testing HRN hardness value.

Post time: Sep-26-2019