ERW pipe welding

So-called high-frequency, as opposed to the AC current frequency 50Hz, generally refers to 50KHz ~ 400KHz high frequency current. High-frequency current through the metal conductor will produce two kinds of strange effects: skin effect and proximity effect, high frequency welding pipe(erw pipe) welding of these two effects.

The high-frequency welding equipment is used to implement high frequency welding, electrical – mechanical systems, high-frequency welding equipment by high frequency welding machine and pipe molding machine. High-frequency welding machines generally by two high-frequency generator and the feed device, its role is to generate high-frequency current and to control it; molding machine consists of extrusion roller frame, its role will be high-frequency current part of the molten extrusion, exclude the steel surface oxide layer and impurities, the steel plate completely fused one.

Many factors that affect the quality of the high-frequency welding, and these factors interact within the same system, one of the factors changed, other factors will change with the change. Therefore, in the high-frequency adjustment, just noticed that the local regulation of the frequency, current, or extrusion is not enough, this adjustment must be based on the specific conditions of the entire molding system with high frequency welding, all aspects of the associated adjustment.

Post time: Mar-02-2020