Expanding machine

Expanding machine is straight seam welded metal shaping apparatus, it is bulged cone head, in the steel pipe dilatation, to eliminate the molding pressure and welded steel pipe stress, and to ensure that the full-length straight seam welded steel pipe diameter segment really the same size, equipment from the car, enlarging, a work sleeve, mounts, cylinders, lubrication station, stand, hydraulic station, electric control system components, enlarging set in the car, enlarging the work is connected to the cylinder sleeve, dilatation is composed bulged head, enlarging the block, the guide plate, rod and other components. By segmented mechanical bulge process to ensure straight seam welded metal shape sizing. eliminate the stress of large equipment.

Expanding machine can be divided into two categories, the first category is mechanical expanding mill, the second category is the hydraulic expanding machine. Mechanical expanding a section of the machine is carried out, so the distribution pipe is fed to the enlarged diameter head, and hydraulic expanding machine is consistent with the pipe through the lumen expanding the size of the outer mold the steel containment meantime, steel is sealed at both ends, and then injected into the high-pressure water pipe so that its internal expansion and deformation, and thus the implementation of the enlarged diameter steel pipe. The two ways of expanding the pipe expanding machine dilatation was 0.8% -1.5%, after expanding thick steel decreased about 0.8%, the length will be reduced in about 0.5 percent.

Expanding machine features:

1. Use of time is more long time compared to the previous machine.

2. Shorten the working time machine, processing speed. Saving the company’s production time, thereby increasing productivity.

3. To be able to achieve the pipe diameter expansion requirements, improve the company’s economic interests.

Post time: Oct-15-2019