Features of submerged arc steel pipe

1. The welding process adopted by submerged arc steel pipe is submerged arc welding technology, which uses filler welding and particle protection flux submerged arc.

2. The production process of submerged arc steel pipe includes JCOE forming technology and coil forming submerged arc welding technology. When the caliber is large, two steel plates may be used for rolling, which will form a double weld phenomenon.

3. The standard GB/T3091-2008 low-pressure fluid steel pipe production standard, GB/T9711.1-2-1997 petroleum gas steel pipe production, and use standard can be implemented for submerged arc steel pipe, and API5L pipeline steel pipe implementation standard can also be implemented.

4. The material of the submerged arc steel pipe is Q195A-Q345E; 245R; Q345QA-D; L245-L485; X42-X70. The main pressure parameters are 2ST/T, S is the yield strength, and T is the wall thickness.

5. Now submerged arc welding has developed into two-wire submerged arc welding and multi-wire submerged arc welding, and the efficiency is further improved. Guangfan is used in steel structures, piling, fluid transportation, long-distance pipelines, and other places.

Post time: Nov-16-2023

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