Galvanized pipe pretreatment

Process: degreasing flow cleaning conditioning phosphating washing drying.

Non galvanized pipe process

Degreasing rust washing neutralization flow conditioning phosphating washing drying.

First, the oil pool management

In strict accordance with the ratio of 1:20, that is 1 kg with the exception of oil when oil pool slot 20 kilograms of water, pH value is maintained at 12 or more, not less than 12, have added enough. When the oil pool surface oil too, must be cleaned.

Second, clear pool management

Clean water tank is best to replace every day to keep work flowing water, pH value should be maintained at 6-7 Qingchi must change too large.

Third, the pool management table transfer

Adjusting the pH of the pool table in the 8-9, the color is milk white, yellow, surface oil, pH value of less than 8:00 to be replaced, according to a fraction, that is, add a packet of water per tonne (per pack 2 kg), the ratio added. And usually does not require additional add.

Fourth, the phosphate pool management

The pH should be maintained when the phosphate pool in 3 to 4, must be supplemented by less phosphate solution, and an appropriate amount of additional accelerator (accelerator when working every day to add hemp plus) to ensure that work on the film within 5 to 15 minutes completed, the workpiece can only add a dusty surface and white powder phosphating solution, not add accelerators, if the surface is still white powder can be considered Qingchi.

Post time: Oct-14-2019