Galvanized steel pipe anti-corrosion requirements

The usage of galvanized steel pipe is getting high, then the requirements of galvanized pipe is more, it was proposed the galvanized pipe completely different resistance to rust (rot) eclipse, which is platedzinc tubes manufacturers challenges, galvanized pipe has what the world demands.

Galvanized steel pipe corrosion-resistant material (paint) varieties Laos multi, the brushing process requirements has become strict, pre-construction preparation the necessary process guidance document (job design, process cards, etc.), is to ensure that the essential part of the quality of the coating coating of steel structures engineering process and after the procedure to be covered before the procedure, special operations, inspection and record-by-step (including basal treatment, antirust paint and topcoat brushing, etc.), is essential less means.

Rust is a is an important process before coating for galvanized pipe, the key is directly related to the quality of coating. Completely rust Antirust adhesion can be improved, thereby prolonging the life of galvanized pipe. To improve the adhesion of the coating by sandblasting, shot blasting or pickling treatment of galvanized pipe surface oxide scale and rust Clear relatively clean. Hand mechanical descaling can be used when the installation site unconditional sandblasting, shot blasting treatment, but must meet the quality rust grade. This is the case in some respects very affecting changes in the prices of galvanized pipe.

Sand blasting or manual mechanical rust, iron oxide skin off the surface of the galvanized pipe, galvanized pipe surface metal directly bare the rise of the air, if not timely brushing a primer, galvanized pipe surface is easy to re-rust affect the adhesion of the film.

As the paint is a time-sensitive goods, overstock easy expired, so the paint (including dilution and curing agent) must reinspect the main indicators, the results were consistent with the standards before they are allowed to use. In fact galvanized pipe in some respects has been steel pipe or seamless pipe replaced.

Post time: Sep-23-2019