Galvanized welded steel pipe

Galvanized welded steel pipe is welded steel pipe, which is the pickling after the zinc in galvanized steel galvanized pool.

Production processes of galvanized welded steel pipe is coated welding process that first hot-dip galvanized and hot-rolled steel, then galvanized steel coil slitting galvanized steel strip into a tube with high-frequency welding. outside the weld using zinc spray device for spraying zinc processing, within the weld does not require treatment to meet the national standard galvanized pipe. the abolition of the present invention the process of pickling and serious pollution of the environment, simplifying the production process, the product surface smooth, uniform zinc coating, and reduce the consumption of zinc.

Galvanized welded steel pipe production process for a low pressure fluid, which is characterized by hot-rolled steel is first galvanized, then slitting the strip of galvanized welded into a tube, outside the weld with zinc spraying device to spray zinc.

Post time: Feb-25-2020