Heat treatment process for steel pipe

The quality of heat treatment is directly related to subsequent processing quality and eventually affect the performance and life of the parts, heat treatment is the energy consumption of the machinery industry big polluters. In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology and its application,  heat treatment process for steel pipe is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
(1) Clean the heat treatment
Heat treatment production waste water, waste gas, waste salt, dust, noise and electromagnetic radiation and so impact on the environment caused by pollution. Solve the heat treatment of environmental pollution problems, the implementation of clean heat treatment (or the green heat treatment) is one of the developed countries the direction of heat treatment technology development. To reduce SO2, CO, CO2, dust and cinder emissions, has basically put an end to the use of coal as a fuel, heavy oil use fewer, mostly switch to light oil, natural gas is still the best fuel. The The burning furnace waste heat utilization has reached a high degree of, the burner structure optimization and empty – fuel ratio strictly controlled to ensure that under the premise of reasonable burning, reduce to a minimum the NOX and CO; gas carburizing, carbonitriding alternative salt treatment and vacuum heat treatment technology to reduce waste containing salts and CN-toxic water pollution; using water-soluble synthetic quenching oil instead of part of the quenching oil, using biodegradable vegetable oil instead of part of mineral oil to reduce oil pollution.
(2) precision heat treatment
Precision heat treatment has two meanings: the one hand, according to the requirements of the use of the parts, materials, structure size, physical metallurgy knowledge and state-of-the-art computer simulation and testing technology, to optimize the process parameters to achieve the desired performance or maximize material Another aspect of the potential; fully guarantee the stability of the optimization process to achieve product quality and degree of dispersion is small (or zero), and the heat distortion zero.
(3) energy-saving heat treatment
Scientific production and energy management is the most efficient use of energy has the potential factors, the establishment of a specialized heat treatment plant to ensure full capacity, give full play to the equipment capacity is the choice of the scientific management. Select energy structure in the heat treatment of primary energy; make full use of the waste heat, waste heat; using low-energy, short cycle process instead of a long cycle, energy consumption process.
(4) less non-oxidation heat treatment
Heated to precisely control the carbon potential protective atmosphere heating alternative oxidizing atmosphere, controlled atmosphere heated nitrogen potential, to improve the performance of the parts after heat treatment, heat treatment defects such as decarbonization, cracks, greatly reducing the heat after finishing stay reduced , improve the efficiency of material utilization and machining. Vacuum plus hot gas quenching, vacuum or low pressure carburizing, nitriding, carbon permeation and boronizing can significantly improve the quality and reduce distortion, and increased life expectancy.

Post time: Sep-20-2019