How to clean rusted cs pipe?

For the rusted CS pipe, some people use cleaning, but when cleaning, it note that should a solvent, emulsion cleaning the steel surface, this method is only used as an anti-corrosion auxiliary means, for the real removal pipe rust, the role is not strong. In clear pipe rust, you can also use steel brushes, wire ball and other tools, such appearance loose oxide, rust easily removed, but not up to the requirements of corrosion.

Another method is to remove the rust pickling, although this method can achieve a certain degree of cleanliness, but easy on the environment caused by pollution, so it is not recommended that you use. The best method is to use spray rust, leaf through a high-power high-speed rotary motor driven jet, so that grit, steel shot, wire segments, minerals and other abrasive under the centrifugal force on the stainless steel surface spray treatment. Rust is the result of high-power spray jet vane motor driven high-speed reverse, the grit, steel shot, wire segments, abrasive minerals under the effect of centrifugal force on the pipe exterior spray and disposal, shot blasting machine can completely eliminate rust, oxides and dirt, and the ferocity of the abrasive tube shocks and under the effect of friction, but also to reach the needs of the average roughness. Spray rust, can extend the appearance of physical adsorption tube effect, and can enhance the appearance of the pipe coating mechanical adhesion effect. Thus, the injection pipeline corrosion rust is rust fantasy method. In general, abrasive blasting is mainly used inside the tube looks disposal abrator surface rust mainly for pipe surface disposal.

Importance in the production of surface treatment of the importance of strict control of rust when the process parameters, in actual construction, pipe coating layer of the peel strength value greatly exceeds the standard requirements to ensure the quality of the coating, in the same equipment on the basis greatly improve the technological level, reduce production costs.

Post time: Sep-17-2019