How to measure hardness of steel pipe ?

Measturing the hardness of the steel pipe, firstly hardness testing of the steel pipe is according to its mechanical properties, including the performance and quality of the feedstock for steel pipe deformed, by stamping, cutting and other processing. Pipe by the mechanical properties of the test method is divided into two: one is a tensile test, another is a durometer hardness test.

A tensile test of the steel pipe, the pipe pattern pulled to fracture on a tensile testing machine, and subsequent determination of one or several mechanical properties, often measured tensile strength and elongation, and necking rate. Metal material, the tensile test was the determination of the basic mechanical properties of methods. Usually all of the metal material, as long as the mechanical properties required, it is necessary predetermined tensile test. Shape especially inconvenient for the hardness test of the workpiece, a tensile test is the only mechanical test methods.

The hardness test is the pressure head of the hard conditions required slowly pushed into the workpiece surface, subsequently measured indentation depth and size, the size of the measured hardness of the material. Hardness test is the most convenient method in the detection of mechanical properties, hardness test is non-destructive testing, the materials hardness values ​​and tensile strength values ​​similar translation.

Inconvenient detection due to tensile test, hardness conversion to tensile strength is very convenient, so people usually only test the hardness of the material for the research and development of products, especially because of the hardness of Durometer manufacturing technology continues to progress, domestic brands such as gold test meter. Hardness tester price is relatively low, seamless steel pipe, stainless steel plate and stainless steel with gold test hardness tester can directly test the hardness of the tensile test has gradually been replaced.

Post time: Sep-17-2019