How to prevent heat deformation of straight seam steel pipe problem

How to prevent heat deformation of straight seam steel pipe problem

Fine messy mold deformation reason is often messy, but we need to grasp its variation rules, analyze the reasons of its occurrence, the choice of a strange approach to prevent deformation of the mold can be cut, but also can be manipulated. In general, a fine messy mold heat treatment deformation may adopt the following measures to prevent.

(1) A reasonable selection. The mold should be fine for disorderly good selection of raw materials micro deformation of steel (such as air quenching steels), for carbide segregation serious casting mold steel should be reasonable and transfer of heat treatment, and can not be larger steel casting mold can be solution bis refinement heat treatment.

(2) Tooling design should be reasonable, not too poor thickness, shape to be symmetrical with respect to large deformation mold to grasp the variation rules, set aside allowance, combined layout on large-scale, fine messy mold can be used.

(3) Fine messy mold to pre-heat treatment to eliminate residual stress generated during machining.

(4) A reasonable selection of heating temperature control heating rate, on a fine mess mold can adopt a slow heating, pre-heating and other heating balanced approach to reduce mold heat deformation.

(5) In the mold hardness guarantee premise, try to use pre-cooling, grading cooling or quenching temperature quenching process.

(6) Messy mold of fine, when conditions allow, and try to use cryogenic vacuum heating process and hardening after quenching.


(7) For some fine messy mold can be used pre-heat treatment, aging heat treatment, quenching and nitriding to control the accuracy of the mold.


(8) At the time of repair mold blisters, porosity, wear and other shortcomings, the choice of cold welding and other small heat-affected patch repair equipment, to prevent the occurrence of deformation process.

Post time: Oct-25-2019