Industrial Steel Pipe Fitting type

There are many types of steel pipe fittings, which can be summarized into the following main types:

1. Variable diameter steel pipe fittings refer to the diameter reduction of the pipe end or part of the pipe;

2. Pipe fittings with variable wall thickness refer to change the wall thickness along the length of the steel pipe;

3. Change the section of the steel pipe fittings, according to the requirements, changes the circular section into a square, oval, polygon, etc.;

4. For bending steel pipe fittings, we have more contact with it, that is, turning straight pipes into bands with different radii of curvature, such as elbows, elbows, etc.;

5. Steel pipe fittings with flanges and rounded edges, the former refers to the pipe end protruding to the inside or outside, the latter refers to the pipe fitting that forms a ridge or groove in the circumferential direction of the pipe;

6. For steel pipe fittings with crimping and bottom sealing, increase the total strength of the pipe end to crimp the outer or inner side of the pipe or seal the end of the pipe;

7. Expanded diameter steel pipe fittings, according to the requirements, expand the end of the steel pipe fitting or a certain part to form steel pipe fittings of various shapes;

There are likewise many methods for processing steel pipe fittings. Many of them belong to the category of mechanical processing, and the most used are stamping method, forging method, rolling method, rolling method, bulging method, stretching method, binding method, and combined processing method. Pipe fitting processing is an organic combination of machining and metal pressure processing.

Post time: Nov-14-2023

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