Introduction to boiler tube

Boiler tubes is a one of seamless pipe. Manufacturing methods is the same as seamless tube, but it has the stringent requirements for manufacture of steel pipes. According to the temperature level,boiler tube is divided into general boiler tubes and high pressure boiler tube.

Production methods:
① general boiler tube temperature is below 450 ℃, using hot-rolled pipe or cold drawn tube manufacture steel pipe.
② high-pressure boiler tube is used often in conditions of high temperature and high pressure pipe, the effect of high temperature flue gas and water vapor, oxidation and corrosion. Steel pipe with high rupture strength, high resistance to oxidative corrosion and have good organizational stability.

Boiler tubes purposes:
① general boiler tubes is mainly used to manufacture water wall tubes, tubes in boiling water and superheated steam pipe, superheated steam locomotive boiler tubes, large and small smoke pipe and pipe arch brick.
② high-pressure boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture high pressure and ultra-high pressure boiler superheater tubes, reheater tubes, airway, the main steam pipe.

General boiler tubes and high pressure boiler tube boiler tubes is exposed to high temperature performance. Boiler tubes in general, or high-pressure boiler tubes according to their use can be divided into a variety of steel pipe.

Boiler tube wear

Pulverized Coal quality is poor, resulting in the boiler flue gas and ash particles are more serious for boiler tube wear, leading to high-pressure boiler pipe burst and leak; boiler tubes long period of ultra-high temperature state of sex, easily lead to overheating of metal pipes fatigue phenomenon, making pipe wear more serious; boiler structure is flawed, resulting in the boiler fouling coking serious, serious flue pipe, some external flue pipe strong liquidity, leading to local production pipeline wear; boiler installation layout does not meet the requirements generating mutual friction, resulting in damage to the pipe. Boiler precipitator installation unreasonable, the boiler heating surface pipe damage.

Wear leaking pipe explosion occurred in the economizer, superheater low temperature, low temperature, such as flue gas temperature reheater heat sink and a lower rear burner fire mouth water wall near the elbow. Economizer tube bank is very dense, which have a higher flue gas flow rates. If the furnace smoke contains more dust particles, or in the process of shipment boiler due to incomplete combustion of pulverized coal in the furnace leaving a lot of smoke and ran toward the rear, will exacerbate the wear rate of the economizer. Low temperature superheater, reheater low wear generally occurs in the local position of П-type layout of the boiler, the slope by a tube furnace wall, the wall portion of the pipe, pipe elbow, pipe and comb card contact area wear and tear, etc. are likely to exist.

Boiler structural improvements, and improve boiler dust removal system to avoid the presence of boiler fouling coking phenomenon, the boiler flue gas flow is maintained at equilibrium state, and to take effective measures to remove the pipe smoke; control drug boiler smoke gas flow rate; and effectively reduce the amount of air leakage boiler tubes, flue gas flow to avoid excessive damage to the pipeline; to ensure the boiler combustion rate, prevention of excessive boiler flue gas; boiler repair and maintenance managers to strengthen the efforts of the boiler, grasp Boiler tube wear and to achieve pipeline repair and replacement or prevention measures in accordance with wear plates, wear layer temperature, so as to ensure the reliability and safety of the boiler operation.

Post time: Sep-19-2019