Large diameter spiral pipe submerged arc welding process

Welding way of spiral pipe is submerged arc welding; molding process, before tilting intermittent production; unit speed, 0.5–3m / min; welding speed, 0.5–3m / min. Units from uncoiling machine, straightening machine, on the device, hydraulic shears, milling welder, disc cutter, milling machine, plate surface cleaning equipment, delivery machine, plate edge pre-bending equipment, molding machines, welding inside and outside welding, flash, set aside, pour slag, welding, flat head chamfering, hydrostatic testing, product testing, degreasing collection components.

Principle of SSAW steel pipe: SAW is the use of arc welding of heat, and manual arc welding is different: submerged arc welding wire is bare, no paint above, submerged arc flux is indeed a pre-Shop to be welded at the submerged arc welding wire extends into the flux, the flux in the arc is burning. Wire in contact with the workpiece, press the start instantly after pressing the button, the wire and workpiece energized wire Withdrawing arc ignition, welding carriage next to advance to the wire continuous conveyor, maintaining arc burning in the solder layer, below the arc the formation of the weld pool. Arc around the solder melts to form a hollow. The cavity and the pool to continue to move forward, while the rear of the molten pool of metal solidification, to form a continuous weld. Because this process is carried out under the flux, so we can not see with the naked eye. Can be seen by means of X-ray photography.

Due to the use of spiral submerged arc welding pipe welding technology, in addition to such high productivity; produce less auxiliary time, saving time change electrodes; clean and free of spatter welding conditions, saving clean-up time; high weld quality. Spiral Pipe factory for delivery to provide the necessary conditions for making large spiral pipe production time is guaranteed, so it is widely used.

Spiral submerged arc welded pipe is bent forming a spiral strip, conducted outside the seam and seam welded steel pipe with spiral seam submerged arc welding. it is widely used in the production of large diameter steel pipe due to the following reasons:

1) Just change the angle formed, you can use the same width of the strip steel production of various calibres;

2) Because it is a continuous bending, so the steel pipe cut lengths unrestricted;

3) A spiral seam evenly distributed over the entire circumference of the pipe, so that the steel pipe of high dimensional accuracy, high intensity;

4) The cost of equipment is cheap, easy to change the size, suitable for small quantity and variety of steel pipe production.

Post time: Oct-08-2019