Main points of processing technology of large diameter straight seam steel pipe

The large-diameter square tube, tooth shape, and pitch of the wire head of the processed steel reinforcement thread are consistent with the tooth shape and pitch of the connecting sleeve, and the matching gauge has passed the inspection.

When processing reinforced threads, water-soluble cutting lubricants should be used; when the temperature is lower than 0, 15%-20% large-diameter square tube sodium nitrite should be mixed, and no engine oil is used as a lubricant or no lubricant sleeve is added. Wire.

The operator should check the appearance of the steel wire heads one by one and mark the operator.

The steel wire ends that have passed the self-inspection shall be randomly inspected for 10% of the large-diameter square pipes of each specification, and no less than 10 pieces. If one is unqualified, the whole processing batch shall be inspected. The unqualified wire ends It should be re-processed and can be used after re-inspection.

The thread ends that have passed the inspection should be protected and put on a protective cap, and they should be sorted according to the specifications for use. 

Post time: Oct-21-2020