Mobile Coating Plant is Great News for Black Steel Pipe Producers

Most of the world’s pipelines are constructed with steel pipes. To protect the pipelines from any possible failure, the piping industries around the world as well as a number of scientists have made great efforts to improve the properties and strength of steel pipes. In doing so, news methods of applying external coatings are invented to equip the pipes with the capability of anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, and even buoyancy control. One of the most traditional steel pipes, black steel pipe is not galvanized. Because of its dark colored iron-oxide on the external surface, it is also named as black pipe. In general, black steel pipes are applied in the oil industry for the transportation of large amount of oil or petroleum across different areas or regions.

The coating of black steel pipe is typically applied in fixed pipe coating machines which in most cases are located close to the pipe plants. Some manufacturers of black steel pipes use simple anti-corrosion coatings while some others may need to have more specialized coatings, such as concrete-weight coatings or thermal insulation coatings since the pipes may be used in demanding situations. Black welded steel pipe producers either hire workers to complete coating in the plant or outsource the coating job to professional pipe coaters or independent coating suppliers. After the coating procedures and before the pipes are transported to the destinations, thorough and careful examination of the coating quality is usually carried out by the directors of the pipe plants to ensure that their black steel pipes is in line with international standards and with customers’ requirements.

The traditional fixed coating plant model works when the black steel pipes are transported to areas not so far from the pipe plants. However, for cross-region or even overseas destinations, the traditional way no longer works well. Luckily, cutting-edge scientific and technological development breeds dramatic changes in the coating facilities. Nowadays, mobile coating plants for black steel pipes are available in many parts of the world, attracting a large number of pipe producers as well as independent coating suppliers.

A mobile coating plant can be easily moved to a new location where the coating services are needed. Obviously mobile coating facilities are beneficial for black steel pipe producers in many aspects. To begin with, more jobs will be created at the communities where the facilities are located, mobilizing locals to work in the pipe plants. Moreover, the flexibility of mobile coating facilities has proved to be efficient and cost-effective, which surely help reduces the production costs for the producers. For independent coating suppliers, mobile coating facilities undoubtedly help optimize the utilization of their professional skills and coating equipment, which may greatly promote their business. In addition, the quality of the API steel pipe and black steel pipes can be guaranteed just as those produced in fixed coating plants, which is also great news for customers.

Post time: Jan-12-2021