Notice of oil casing corrosion problems

As the number of cars now constantly increases, we will use the time to the exploitation of oil in the oil casing, as crude oil, which contain this more corrosive substances, so when we make oil casing when you need attention, when we use the oil casing to the exploitation of oil, when oil casing will be very prone to corrosion oil casing corrosion when in problems that need attention are as follows

(1) When we use the oil casing transport water, it should ensure that during the making use of the time, the quality of the water to compliance, quality time during the use of water to compliance before they can, and to be discharged during the time implement remediation dispensing. During the time used to strengthen the work of the main water pipe cleaning, to ensure progress after the oil casing pipe using internal corrosion is not residual material. Ensure oil casing during use when you can live longer.

(2) for injection wells have been put into production, we make use of the time should be taken to protect the inside with some of the annulus fluid for maintenance work, and regularly fill such measures as adding protection solution to become a seed system, we want to regularly add oil casing inside, the only way to guarantee oil casing when you can use during the long-term use.

(3) the use of oil casing, there will be mechanical abrasion, these scratches will affect the oil casing corrosion, accelerated corrosion oil casing, it is recommended for use during the time in tubing coupling top with a rubber band, so that you can reduce the oil casing corrosion.

Post time: Jan-13-2021