Pipe bender

Pipe bender can be divided into CNC bending machine, hydraulic pipe bender, and so on. Mainly used in power and construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration and other aspects of the pipeline and build, with a multi-function, reasonable structure, easy operation. In addition to bend the machine functions, but also the use of the fuel tank as hydraulic jacks, with respect to the terms of CNC pipe bending device has a cheap, easy to use features in the domestic market dominant product bender position.

Pipe bender as pipe bending and bending sheet metal. In the case of pure bending, the outer diameter is D, wall thickness t of the outer tube by the bending moment M occurs, neutral layer outer wall tensile stress σ1 role, wall thinning; medial neutral layer pipe wall tensile stress σ1 role, wall thickening. And the cross-sectional shape due to the role of force F1 and F2 from circular to elliptical approximation, when excessive deformation, cracks are generated outside of the wall, the inner wall will be wrinkled.

The degree of deformation of the pipe, depending on the relative bending radius R / D and the relative thickness t / D value of size, R / D and t / D value is smaller, the greater the degree of deformation. To ensure the pipe forming quality, must control the degree of deformation within the allowable range, pipe bending limit depends not only on the mechanical properties of materials and bending method, but also consider the requirements of the tube member. FLD fittings shall contain the following elements:

1) outside of the neutral layer elongate tensile deformation region’s largest plastic deformation, does not exceed the allowable value while being broken;

2) the inside of the neutral layer compression deformation zone by tangential compressive stress of thin-walled structure part without exceeding the instability and wrinkling;

3) If the pipe ovality required to control its section of distortion;

4) If the fittings have the strength to withstand the pressure of internal requirements, control the forming limit wall thinning.

Post time: Sep-17-2021