Practical significance of steel pipe process

(1) Enhance industrial manufacturing capabilities and save energy and resources. At present, the development trend of seamless steel pipe reduction technology is more product varieties and higher steel pipe quality, which is reflected not only in higher product dimensional accuracy but also in good product organization and performance. In the current era of tight energy and resources, you can control the metal structure and grain size by controlling the processing process to achieve the purpose of improving product performance, enhancing industrial manufacturing capabilities, and saving energy and resources.


(2) Optimize the process and improve product quality. Combining computer technology with the physical metallurgical process of plastic deformation, purposeful and controllable simulation of the plastic deformation process, and the use of numerical simulation methods can conveniently study the impact of process parameters on the rolling process. Product accuracy and performance provide theoretical basis and practical means.


(3) Shorten the development cycle of new products and increase the bearing capacity of steel mills. Computer simulation research not only has a small investment and short cycle, but also can obtain a lot of information that cannot be obtained by experimental methods or is difficult to obtain, and can reproduce the changing process of steel pipe deformation during tension reduction.

The reduction and reduction of the steel pipe is very complicated. The characteristics of the steel pipe material vary greatly with the chemical composition, structure, temperature, and opening process. Friction, roll hole shape, the influence of tension, and the evolution of the structure during the deformation process have become masters of reducing the diameter. Problems that need to be solved urgently by the law of process.

Post time: Apr-02-2020