Product characteristics of epoxy resin coated steel pipe

Product characteristics of epoxy resin coated steel pipe

1. High mechanical properties. It has the same strength as steel, and the surface has strong cohesion and dense molecular structure, so its mechanical properties are higher than general-purpose thermosetting resins such as phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester.

2. Good heat resistance.

3. Excellent electrical insulation. The coating of the spray pipe is made of epoxy resin which belongs to thermosetting resin and has good antistatic performance.

4. Good stability, no chemical reaction with most substances, good corrosion resistance.

5. The adhesion of the tube surface coating is strong, it has excellent adhesion to polar substrates such as metal, ceramics, glass, concrete, wood and so on.

6. The curing shrinkage rate is small, it is one of the varieties with the smallest curing shrinkage rate in thermosetting resin, and its linear expansion coefficient is also very small, so the volume change after curing is not large.

Post time: Apr-20-2020