Steel Industry is Moving towards a New Era

At present, the global steel industry is moving towards a new historical period, China’s steel consumption has begun to enter the stage of reduction. All along, China’s iron and steel industry to conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s decision to deploy, the cardinal, the overall situation, overcome difficulties, in good faith, and actively promote the supply side structural reform, important progress has also been made to production work.

Excellent production services as spiral pipe, spiral steel pipe, spiral pipe, corrosion 3PE large diameter spiral pipe, double spiral submerged arc welded pipe, plate and other products, Shinestar group think that must be objective and comprehensive understanding of China status of iron and steel industry, must take a realistic attitude, objective cognition and historical causes of China’s steel production capacity surplus and realistic contradiction, new changes and new requirements to adapt to the new era of market development of iron and steel industry.

We must admit that to resolve the excess steel production capacity is a long process, such as Europe and the United States in the last century of 70s, with more than ten years time to resolve the overcapacity, resolve excess capacity Chinese will also need some time, China enterprises will learn from the successful practices of European and American countries, and efforts to speed up the process of resolving overcapacity.

Recently, many domestic and foreign institutions, the media are concerned about the future development trend of China’s iron and steel industry. China economic development has entered a new norm, economic growth, development, economic structure, economic development motivation, major changes are taking place in the iron and steel industry Chinese long-term fundamentals have not changed for the better, the future market potential is still huge, we are full of confidence.

Although the Chinese economy faces some downward pressure and difficulties, excess capacity and demand for the upgrading of the structure contradiction, insufficient internal impetus driving economic growth, has been the accumulation of financial risks, increasing difficulties in some areas. However, these are the inevitable phenomenon in the process of advancing, these problems and contradictions, we are to be addressed, and has achieved positive results; iron and steel industry has China technology development and management of talent reserve outstanding, with the competitive strength of the science and technology innovation and pioneering marketing wisdom, we strengthen the determination to move forward will not be shaken.

At present, the steel industry is China efforts to enhance the quality and efficiency of growth, around the main line of the supply side structural reform, the transformation of economic development mode, optimize the industrial structure, efforts to develop new markets, expand effective demand; to better serve national economic development departments of steel demand to provide protection, further meet the new period users of steel products the personalized and diverse needs.

The future, Shinestar group will also be combined with their own situation, to achieve the transformation and upgrading, and constantly develop better spiral pipe, spiral steel pipe, spiral pipe, corrosion 3PE large diameter spiral pipe, double spiral submerged arc welded pipe, plate and other products, to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Post time: Sep-02-2021