The advantages of galvanized steel pipe

The advantages of galvanized steel pipe are following below:
1. The entire surface of the steel is to be protected, both in the inside the recess at the tube member, or any other coating is difficult to enter the corner, and solubilized zinc are easily uniform coverage.

2. Galvanized layer hardness values ​​than steel. The top of the Eta layer only 70 DPN hardness, it is vulnerable to collision recess, but the lower the Zeta layer and delta layer were most also high hardness values ​​of 179 and 211 DPN 159 DPN hardness values ​​than the iron material, so the impact and wear resistance are quite good.

3. In the corner area, the zinc layer often than other places also thick and good toughness and wear resistance. Other coatings in this corner, often is the thinnest most difficult construction, the most vulnerable at Guchang required maintenance.

4. Even due to great mechanical injury or other reasons. Resulting in a small part of the zinc coating off, bare iron base, surrounded by zinc layer will play a sacrificial anode to protect here steel from erosion. And other coatings contrary, the rust will immediately generate and spread rapidly to the coating below, causing the coating flaking.

5. Zinc layer in the atmosphere is very slow, about the steel corrosion rate of 1/17 to 1/18, and estimated. Its life far more than any other coating.

6. Coating life in a particular environment, mainly depending on coating thickness. The coating thickness and by the steel thickness determined, i.e., the thicker the steel easy to get a thicker coating, so the same Steel thick steel parts must have a thicker layer, to ensure longer life.

7. Because of the beautiful, art, or the use of specific serious corrosion environment, the zinc coating can Zaishi above paint handling duplex system, paint system chosen is correct, easy construction, its the corrosion effects than individually painted and hot dip galvanized life add up even better on a 1.5 to 2.5-fold.

8. Zinc layer to protect iron and steel, in addition to the hot dip galvanizing, there are several other methods, their advantages and disadvantages are shown in Table 3, generally the most widely used and best corrosion effects and economic benefits of the best for hot dip galvanized law.

Post time: Sep-12-2019