The cleaning methods for straight seam welded pipe in welded pipe factory

Nowadays, our application of welded pipes is very extensive, but rust will inevitably occur in the process of using straight seam welded pipes. Rusted straight seam welded pipes will affect its normal operation, so it is found that If it is rusty, it needs to be cleaned in time. Then let’s talk about several methods for cleaning straight seam welded pipes. We can understand:

First: First of all, we can use solvents or emulsions to clean the appearance of LW pipes. This method is very effective about the oil and grease or dust and other organic substances on the surface of LW pipes.

Twenty-second: Secondly, regarding the appearance of rust on the surface of the straight seam welded pipe, we can use a wire brush and other things to polish the surface of the straight seam welded pipe to achieve the purpose of rust removal.

3、You can also choose the spray method. Using this method, not only can you completely remove rust, oxides, and dirt, but the straight seam welded pipe can also reach the required under the impact of the abrasive and the abrasive force of the abrasive. Average coarseness.

The above is all the contents of the cleaning methods of straight seam welded pipes introduced for everyone.

Post time: Jan-03-2020