The necessity of pickling seamless pipes

What is pickling: The method of removing scale and rust on the surface of steel with an acid solution is called pickling. Pickling acids include sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and mixed acids.

The pickling process is to remove the oxide scale on the surface, and then lubricate it (carbon steel-phosphorus saponification, stainless steel-tallow lime, copper-aluminum tube-oil coating), and use the old process-copper plating), and then perform deep drawing. If the seamless tube is not pickled, and the surface may have oxides and oil stains, the nuclear energy of the phosphating solution cannot remove them, and the quality of the phosphating will be reduced. In addition, during the manufacturing process of seamless pipes, if there is a little carelessness after going through multiple processes, scars will be left on the surface of seamless pipes, which will reduce the corrosion resistance of parts and directly affect the service life.

In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the seamless pipe and prolong the service life of the product, the seamless pipe must be pickled and passivated for surface treatment to form a protective film on the surface.

Post time: Mar-20-2020