Types and uses of stainless steel pipes

One. Stainless steel decorative pipe

1. Material: 201 and 304 are main, 301 and 316 are small
2. Purpose: Mainly for decoration projects such as stairs, doors, windows, and guardrails, and some products with lower requirements are piping
3. Features: bright surface, brushed or frosted, the negative difference

Two. Stainless steel product pipe

1. Material: Mainly 201, 304, 316
2. Uses sanitary and household appliances, product piping, fluid pipes, etc.
3. Features: strict requirements for positive and negative specifications, surface brightness, workmanship, etc., there will be requirements for bending, expansion, and contraction, etc.

Three. Stainless steel special-shaped tube

In general, when the number of special-shaped tubes is small, the round tube is formed by a secondary pressure tube (except for grooved tubes). Large quantities can be customized. Due to different specifications, sometimes lack molds, you may need to bear the corresponding mold costs
1. Oval tube: regular oval tube, flat oval tube
2. Grooved tube: round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, etc. can be grooved, generally used for guardrail frame glass
3. Others: triangles, handrails, arches, sectors, door frame pipes, etc.

Four. Stainless steel pattern tube

The appearance of the patterned tube has changed the single appearance of traditional stainless steel tube, which is refreshing. Recently, many tube factories have launched the patterned tube project.
1. Ordinary embossing: traditional round pipe section pressing gourd pattern
2. European-style embossing: embossing patterns, auspicious clouds, money, etc.
3. Threaded pipe:

Five. Color stainless steel tube

The surface of the stainless steel tube is plated with a layer of color, any material and specifications are available. The corresponding processing cost is increased by the square based on the pipe. In the past, the color was plated below 4 meters. Now gold, rose gold, and black titanium can be plated at 6 meters. , The color tube needs to reduce the welding probability, and use the link

Six. Stainless steel composite pipe

1. Stainless steel composite pipe: The composite pipe with surface 304 and inner layer 201 appeared in the past two years. Now, after the price of 304 has dropped, composite pipes are rare.
2. Carbon steel composite pipe: surface 201 or 304, internal carbon steel, surface thickness below 1.0, generally used for highway guardrail engineering

Seven. Stainless steel industrial pipe

Industrial pipes also include welded pipes and seamless pipes, which are mainly used in engineering structures, various types of pipes, etc.

Post time: Jun-16-2021