Winding 3PE anti corrosive steel pipe

3pe anti-corrosive steel pipes are pipes (steel pipes) used in different working environments. To slow down or prevent the pipes from being corroded and deteriorated by the chemical or electrochemical action of the external medium or by the metabolic activities of microorganisms, the outer wall of the pipe is coated with 2 layers or 3 Layer polyethylene (3PE) to achieve pipeline anti-corrosion, 3PE anti-corrosion pipe service life is extended by 3-5 times, 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe is the so-called three-layer polyethylene anti-corrosion steel pipe, which means that after 3PE anti-corrosion processing, it can effectively prevent or Reduce the corrosion of steel pipelines during transportation and use. 3PE anti-corrosion technology combines the excellent performance of the epoxy coating and extruded polyethylene anti-corrosion layer, combining the interface characteristics and chemical resistance of epoxy coating with the mechanical protection characteristics of the extruded polyethylene anti-corrosion layer. Thereby significantly improving their respective performance defects. This kind of steel pipe is characterized by high mechanical strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance. It can also be adapted in cold areas. Therefore, the 3PE anti-corrosion layer is an ideal external pipeline protection Floor. 3PE anti-corrosive steel pipe polyethylene three-layer structure protective layer, also known as three-layer PE (3PE), is an advanced anti-corrosion technology imported from abroad in recent years. Its full name is fusion-bonded epoxy/extruded polyethylene structure protective layer. In the three-layer structure, the main function of fusion-bonded epoxy powder coating is to form a continuous coating film and direct bond with the surface of the steel pipe. Good chemical resistance and cathodic stripping resistance; it reacts with the active groups of the intermediate layer adhesive to form a chemical bond, ensuring that the overall anti-corrosion layer has good adhesion at higher temperatures. The intermediate layer is usually a copolymer adhesive, whose main component is a polyolefin. Currently, vinyl copolymer adhesives are widely used. The functional groups of the polar part of the copolymer adhesive and the epoxy groups of the fusion-bonded epoxy powder coating can react to form hydrogen bonds or chemical bonds, so that the middle layer and the bottom layer form a good bond; the non-polar vinyl part and the surface layer Polyethylene has a good affinity, so the middle layer and the surface layer also have good bonding properties. The structure of the 3PE anti-corrosive steel pipe includes fusion bonded epoxy powder bottom layer, polymer adhesive intermediate layer, and polyethylene surface layer. The function of the epoxy powder bottom layer is to form a continuous coating film, which is bonded and solidified to the surface of the steel pipe to provide a good Adhesion, and has good chemical resistance and cathodic stripping resistance; the role of the polymer adhesive is to fuse the epoxy powder coating before it is gelled, and bond with the outer polyethylene layer to make the three layers into one Overall, the outermost layer is generally high-density polyethylene (polypropylene xi is used in some foreign countries), so that the three-layer anti-corrosion structure combines the adhesion and anti-corrosion properties of the epoxy powder and the weather resistance and mechanical damage resistance of the polyethylene layer to compensate To overcome their respective shortcomings, thereby greatly improving the service life of the coating.

Post time: Oct-20-2020